E-learning business case (3)

Part III of business case for e-learning: Goals and Trends.


With e-learning helps to achieve the objectives of an (internal) training department. Organizations often have to deal with changing culture, requirements, markets, laws and regulations, but on the other hand maintaining continuity and quality within the organization.

In general e-learning is a great way to school employees in regulation, knowledge, quality improvement and ensuring continuity. Think of new employees who need to be ‘up-and-running’ quickly.

Trends e-learning

One of the trends is of course social media where the emphasis lies on communication via an online medium. Within e-learning development the goal of communication is learning together and from each other. Online learning environments can facilitate a webinar where participants can attend an online lesson and ask questions via a chat box. Students in online environments can participate in group discussions and ask questions or comment on the curriculum.

Another trend is adaptive learning. Many training courses are based on competencies that an employee must possess in order to carry out his work optimally. Setting up e-learning based on learning goals (competency profiles) offers the student the opportunity to update only what is really necessary. The automatically adapts to the student.

Other trends in learning activities such as adaptive learning include Serious Gaming, Case Based Learning and Brain Learning. Traditional training has a limited number of activities, the activities in e-learning are more diverse, more fun for the student and have a (much) greater retention value.



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