Mobile learning

As an e-learning supplier, we hear an increasing demand for: ‘Mobile learning’.  But what do we mean when we say mobile learning?

Anytime, anywhere

Mobile learning implies that we can learn anywhere, at our own discretion and at any time of day. These basically are the same as the characteristics of e-learning. In e-learning, all you need is a computer with an internet-connection. So what makes mobile learning special? I think mobile learning is at its best when the complete learning experience is available on a portable device. I do not count a laptop as a ‘mobile device’. I have my doubts about an iPad. I don’t take my iPad with me in my pocket everywhere I go.

The key to success..

The success of mobile learning lies in the extremely low threshold. I always carry a smartphone and use it all the time. An app that facilitates learning sounds like an instant success, wouldn’t you say?

I believe in mobile learning, but only via a smartphone and an app. Why? I always have the smartphone at hand so I don’t have an additional barrier when I want to start learning (turn on PC, login in to the LMS, start the module). Viewing an e-learning module in a browser on my smartphone is not an optimal experience. Device specific optimization is crucial, that is why I choose an app for my foundation.

Mobile Learning in practice

I know of a good learning app that regularly asks questions about a previously completed module or in preparation for a test: the memotrainer™. The memotrainer app offers content based on learning goals, where I have a  profile with a target attuned to my learning needs. The algorithm behind the memotrainer makes sure that I reach the target profile as efficiently as possible. If I’m proficient at a learning goal, memotrainer shifts the balance to those goals that I need to work on still. This way, I learn quickly and efficiently and only what I don’t know yet. The memotrainer has features that resemble WhatsApp™: when I receive a notification from the memotrainer I can open it. The app leads me to the set of questions that I can answer directly. I get immediate feedback and results.

I can adjust the frequency and moment of questions myself. Receiving a message or answering a few questions is now basically the same. As you see: the threshold to participation is incredibly low. And, the lower the threshold, the greater the chance of success.



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