Our customer case at Next Learning 2017: Cygnific onboarding, from classroom to blended!

Onboarding at Air France KLM’s Sales & Service Centre:
From classroom training to a blended approach!

Cygnific is the largest Sales & Service Centre of Air France KLM. They serve no less than 19 European countries with nearly 800 international colleagues.

Be the best, set the trend, reach the top!

To put this vision of Cygnific into practice, a strong foundation such as an onboarding program is essential. On one hand, you as an employee have to learn to work with a variety of complex systems. At the same time, it is important that you offer the customer excellent customer service.

The biggest challenges were:

  • Supporting learning in the workplace
  • Shortening the total training time
  • Offering the information clearly
  • Promoting learning across company departments and job areas
  • Enabling learning independently from time and place
  • Monitoring development of new employees

Our solution

We developed a complete blended program that consists of e-learning, classroom sessions, coaching and supporting documents for the workplace. The basis of the program is a gamified platform that we custom made for Cygnific. The employees use this platform to shape their own development process.

For the onboarding program, we devised the following structure:

  1. Train your knowledge
  2. Practice your skills
  3. Perform like a pro

This approach is now the new standard for effectively training employees within a large part of Air France KLM.


The new onboarding program went live a few months ago. We are very proud of the results!

  • The gamified platform relieves Cygnific throughout the onboarding process.
  • We have made the onboarding program more efficient and shortened it by 8 days.
  • The classroom sessions are focused on applying the knowledge instead of just learning facts. This makes the sessions more useful for the participants and more fun for trainers.

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