Playgrounds: inspiration for better learning

Immediately after we got back from Playgrounds Blend we started applying the things we learned there. Isn’t that cool! For those who don’t know Playgrounds, this is a ‘cutting edge creativity’ conference, which is mainly aimed at designers and illustrators. Speakers include: HEDOF, Merijn Hos, Studio Dumbar and many others.

Often you have to see and hear something first to get inspired to do things differently. That is why I start with what inspired us this at festival and what we take with us to our daily work. Below a short video impression of the day.

Design and illustrations are not just beautiful, but they impact the mood and emotion to improve learning. It makes perfect sense that a boring module, quickly loses your attention. This does not promote the learning effect, quite the opposite!

At inBrain we keep this in mind of course. But did you know that an illustration can also serve as the basis for an entire module? A visual style, interface element or a colour palette can be used throughout the training. Whether it is a chapter indicator or the leitmotif of a module.

I challenge you to take an artist, illustrator or photographer as inspiration for your next module. Match the emotion of the artwork with the module you create, make the style come back in the training.

We also attended a talk about virtual reality (VR). It was hyped for a few years, has seen the abyss and now slowly finds its way back to the public. We believe that VR has incredible added value in learning and the learning experience. (Although there are quite a few conditions for successful execution. Maybe something for a next blog).

The newest thing in VR: 6 dimensions

VR glasses exist that scan objects in your surroundings and then show them in virtual reality. Imagine a side table that becomes part of an operating room that you see in VR. We are keeping an eye on these developments of course. But what learn from this most of all is the focus on the story. A learning experience is as good as the story you tell. The beauty of VR is that you can manipulate ‘time and space’. This gives unprecedented possibilities! Just like in a movie, you can lead the student through the story and make them have a personal experience. Another advantage is the absolute focus. You are sealed off from the outside world. A world of potential.

We hope this design blog has inspired you as much as we were by the Playgrounds event. We are already using VR in some of our projects, so if you want to know more about this or see an inspiring case, swing by for a cup of coffee!



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