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At inBrain we create learning solutions that leave an impression! Our multidisciplinary team of educational experts, graphic designers, animators, project managers and software engineers develops e-learning, virtual reality learning, apps, games, learning platforms (LMS), learning campaigns and even complete training programmes. Most importantly? We always create our products together with our clients!


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E-learning development is what we do most of the time, sometimes combined with other types of learning. We care about creating an experience that engages learners.

Learning platform

A learning platform, also known as a learning management system (LMS), is the place to host all your learning solutions in one online location. We have encountered quite a few learning management systems and are able to help and assist you!

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How people learn, online interactions, teaching methods and what engages people, that’s what didactics is all about. Our educational experts are specialists when it comes to didactics. They come up with learning concepts, interactions and structures to design a surprising learning journey with all the essential content.


When we know what knowledge, skills or behavior the audience needs to learn we start designing. Together with our graphical designers and educational experts we come up with the visual style. Our graphical designers know how to translate a message to a visual design. Creating an experience always comes first and that can be seen in the products we develop.


A great thing about our profession is the possibility to use the newest developments in the online world. Combining learning and technology gives us the freedom to apply our creativity to e-learning modules, learning management systems, apps, serious games, micro-learning, blended learning programs and learning campaigns.


Over the years, co-creation has become a standard in our way of working. By working together we offer our clients optimal learning solutions in a way that suits them best. The level of cooperation is up to you: leave everything to us… or be a member of the project team. We always adapt to your needs. We develop great learning solutions in a way that suits everyone: always together! 


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inBrain is always looking for talent. Can you strengthen our team? Do you have the skills and talents to be an e-learning hero? Let’s drink coffee (which is always a good idea) to get to know each other!

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