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Together with Albert Heijn, one of the largests supermarket chains in the Netherlands, we created several learning tracks to keep the products of Albert Heijn truly fresh.  

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Learning TRACKS for Albert Heijn


Albert Heijn launched a new brand strategy with a focus on fresh products. To make sure their strategy is supported by all their employees, Albert Heijn asked inBrain to create a learning solution that gives the employees the opportunity to learn about the new strategy and the associated operating processes that come along with it.


We developed a general learning track and specific job tracks. All of the learning tracks contain brainsnacks (micro-learnings) and assignments on-the-job. The main goal of the content is to introduce how the new and current employees can perform their job according to the new strategy. We developed mobile-first brainsnacks that are desktop and tablet compatible. The brainsnacks are available for different devices which makes it possible for the employees to complete them at their preferred place and time.

In addition, inBrain developed a customized learning management system that hosts all the learning tracks for the employees.


To make sure we could rapidly develop the learning tracks, customize them to the needs of Albert Heijn and grasp the right tone-of-voice, we worked one day a week at the office of Albert Heijn with a small team. During the whole project we worked in short cycles so that adjustments could be made easily and we could rapidly anticipate when Albert Heijn had feedback on the developed materials. The outcome? A brand new learning management system filled with learning tracks. Albert Heijn is ready to train their employees to become Masters of truly fresh products!

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