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To measure = to know

Recently we hosted the first edition of “Tasty Talks” at inBrain. The concept: three speakers give a 30 minute presentation on e-learning related topics while

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No more ADDIE?

ADDIE has been the queen of development methods for some time now. My first introduction to the ADDIE model (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate)

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The Kahn Academy

A while back I spoke with some acquaintances about how learning is applied in their organization. One of them told me that his organization was

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What is a serious game?

In a world where new technology causes for society to change rapidly, a transition from “passive learning” to “active learning” is needed to teach employees

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Project TinCan

Last week I heard rumour about the first serious steps in Project TinCan. A perfect moment for me to write a blog about it, as

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Brain-based learning

Educational principles are often based on empirical scientific research in which students learn through various types of interactions. The efficiency of the different forms depend

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Mobile learning

As an e-learning supplier, we hear an increasing demand for: ‘Mobile learning’.  But what do we mean when we say mobile learning? Anytime, anywhere Mobile

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E-learning business case (3)

Part III of business case for e-learning: Goals and Trends. Objectives With e-learning helps to achieve the objectives of an (internal) training department. Organizations often

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Train your brain

How do you help your brain to learn more easily? Which proven brain principles exist? On January 17th I attended an inspiration session on brain

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