Cynific is the customer service center of AirFrance-KLM, a well-known airline. Every day the employees (ca. 1.500) from 36 countries work to offer the customer the best possible service. The employees offer 24/7 “service with a smile” to passengers and travel agencies through e-mail, phone, live chat, social media and Whatsapp in 18 different languages.

Air-France-KLM was searching for an answer to the question: ‘How can we make sure new employees can start working as soon as possible?’ Together with Cygnific we developed a new onboarding module and a learning platform. 

the request

CYGNIFIC learning campaign


Cygnific asked inBrain to develop a new onboarding program. They wanted to use their existing training program as a starting point and stimulate flexibility within their new customer service agents. After a thorough selection procedure, our solution seemed to best fit the needs of Cygnific. This was the starting point of the co-creation process on the onboarding module and the Cygnific learning management system. 



First of all, we recommended Cygnific to thoroughly analyze their needs. At the time of the selection procedures, the onboarding program of Cygnific consisted of a 40-day offline training program. One of Cygnific’s needs was converting this offline program to an online training.

Analyzing the needs of Cynific, yielded the conclusion that a custom made LMS was needed. This platform uses different categories of learning content for different roles in the organization. In addition, we offered training and guidance to trainers at Cygnific, so they subsequently were able to develop their own online learning content.


A customized learning platform, which seemlessly connects to their new offline onboarding program. In addition, we included a social feature in the learning management system, aimed at making employees feel part of the team and the organization from day one. 

Several e-learning modules have been developed and a number of trainers have been prepared for their new curriculum. They keep adding to the content by developing e-learning content in the templates that were created during this project.

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