inBrain developed a game that is intended for all klm captains. In this game they play in a group, during a classroom training, while colleagues observe them. In imitating stressful situations, optimal cooperation is requested!

the question


The question

Klm captains process an awful lot of information every day. They need this information to make the right choices in difficult and sometimes even life-threatening situations. But how do you keep your cool? What sources do you use? And which one doesn’t?

In an online game, captains actively start working on a case where human lives are at stake.

The solution

Together with KLM, inBrain developed the game ‘Under Pressure’. Captains play this game in a group as part of a classroom training session, while colleagues observe them. In the game, the participants take on the skin of a fictional character and face a time-related and life-threatening situation at the nuclear reactor. To deal with this situation, participants should use information from, among others, the Director of nuclear reactor, crisis management advisor and emergency services coordinator to make the right choices. At the same time, the international press and the health council are also calling for attention. Can the participants solve the problem with the nuclear reactor in time, without widespread panic?


The game teaches captains to work together under pressure and deal with stressful situations in which they have the ultimate responsibility. During the debriefing, participants reflect on their own actions, the cooperation and discuss the observations of colleagues.

The game gives captains insight into their own actions, which will continue to benefit them in their work and beyond!

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