inBrain developed a serious game for the captains of KLM. Captains play this serious game in a team during a classroom training while others observe them. During this game, in which captains learn how to handle stressful events,  cooperation is a neccesity!

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Captains at KLM process a lot of information on a daily basis. They need this information to be able to make the right decisions in challenging and even life-threatening situations. But how do they keep a cool head? How do they choose which sources of information are essential, and which ones are not?

In an online serious game, that can be played during an offline training session, captains need to solve a realistic case in which lives are at stake!



Together with KLM we developed the serious game ‘Under pressure’. Captains play the game with a group of other captains during a classroom training, while other colleagues are observing them. In the game they play a fictive character and need to make decisions related to problems with a life-threatening nuclear reactor. 

In order to make sure they can resolve the issues surrounding the reactor, they receive information from the director of the reactor, a crisis advisor and a coordinator of the emergency services. Using this information the captains need to make the right decisions. Simultaneously, the press and the Health Council want to be kept informed about the situation. 

Are the captains able to fix the problem within time, in order to avoid a catastrophe?


The game gives captains the opportunity to practice cooperation skills during a stressful situation and how to deal with situations where they have the final responsibility. After completion, captains start self-reflection, receive feedback on their actions and on how they cooperated with the other captains in the group.

The game gives captains an insight into their own (re)actions. Which is a useful skill not only during their daily work but  Captains gained insights in how they behave during stressful situations, which they can use during their work and beyond.

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