One of the most challenging strategic changes for KPN, an important network provider in the Netherlands, was training their employees on their new strategy in a very short time. InBrain was happy to join KPN on this challenging ride!

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How do we transfer our new brand strategy and proposition to our employees to make sure they are able to put this information into practice right away? That’s the question KPN asked inBrain. After years of operating with different names (XS4All, KPN and Telfort), KPN wanted to continue their business with one single name: KPN, the network of the Netherlands.

Simultaneously they wanted to introduce their new proposition, ‘KPN Hussel’, to their new employees. The employees needed to be informed about this change in proposition, before KPN could go live. This meant we needed to develop a learning solution within five weeks. It became an intense project and a co-created learning solution!


In an e-learning module of 45 minutes employees were introduced to the new branding strategy and proposition of KPN. By using an activating video that expresses a feeling of togetherness, the employees become a partner of the new branding strategy: the network of the Netherlands.

After the introduction the employees learn more about the new proposition in an interactive way. They practice with the information during several cases. In those cases, the employees need to answer questions on the specific topic. For instance: In which situations is the new proposition a good idea for a client? What changed? What are the benefits of the new proposition?

Every case takes place in a different part of the Netherlands and covers different target groups: singles, small businesses and a family. By advising Hussel in the right way, a network of happy clients is created in the learning solution.


After the development of the module, KPN was able to introduce the new proposition to 6000 employees within 2 weeks. KPN was very satisfied with the concept of the module and the innovative and modern style that has been used and supports KPN as a brand. 

In addition, KPN was very happy with the innovative interactions in the module. By using cases in the module, employees were able to bring the learned theory easily into practice. 

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