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Learning platforms come in many shapes and sizes. We once read there are more than 3000 different learning management systems. We think that’s a bit much. Learning Management Systems (LMSses) are online platforms on which you can publish your online learning activities, but also manage and follow your learners. inBrain doesn’t know all 3000 LMSses, but we do have an opinion about which features an LMS should have. We can advise our clients when they are looking for the right system.

Sometimes this means we come up with an alternative to existing, fully deployed learning management systems that organizations do not always think of. Whatever the clients’ needs, we are able to help them during the orientation phase and the following phases: customizing and implementation of a platform.

Read about our two most common solutions below:


We were amazed by the complexity of some platforms that we encountered. That is why we developed inSight. It is a user-friendly learning platform. You don’t need a PhD in computer science to figure it out. We aimed to develop a learning platform that is crystal clear for every user. 

The development of inSight started with a small project for a Dutch foundation, called Stichting Lezen. inBrain developed a minimalistic learning platform that offered only learning activities and simple user reports. No more and no less. 
Now the development of our own learning management system got a little bit ‘out of hand’. inSight offers all functionalities an LMS needs without sacrificing user-friendliness. We are quite proud of it! You can read more about inSight here.



In addition to inSight, we recommend aNewSpring. This learning platform is created to suit the needs of training and educational institutes. This platform can be used to facilitate educational and training programmes, as a platform for teachers to monitor and coach their students, and even to sell courses. We can set up the aNewSpring platform, connect it to our clients’ systems and implement the platform in the organization.

We are a partner of aNewSpring. inBrain executes content projects for their clients. Read more about the collaboration with aNewSpring here.

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