Together with Lucas Bols we developed a learning experience that perfectly combines online and offline learning! 

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Lucas BOLS learning campaign


By now, with over 20.000 trained bartenders, the Lucas Bols Bartending Academy is a worldwide known and respected institution. This Academy owned by Lucas Bols trains aspiring bartenders from all over the world. They all fly to Amsterdam to attend courses in bartending. Lucas Bols was searching for the perfect mix of online and offline learning during their three-day bartending course.


In collaboration with Lucas Bols we developed 26 interactive brainsnacks to prepare trainees for several offline bartending workshops. Brainsnacks are short, responsive e-learning modules with a maximum time span of 10 minutes. Due to the short duration, the target group can complete a brainsnack at any time and place. The brainsnacks are hosted on the customized learning management system (LMS) we developed for Lucas Bols. The LMS has the look-and-feel of their brand. It also affords the facilitators of the offline workshops insights in the progression and results of their trainees. 



The end-result? A costomized learning platform with various brainsnacks to prepare trainees for their three-day offline training. 

Because trainees already completed the brainsnacks, they have the same level of expertise upon arrival in Amsterdam. This allows the trainers of the offline courses to focus more on in-depth information and building skills during practice. Therefore, the offline training becomes more valuable for the trainees. In addition, the offline training has become more challenging and trainees’ experience has become even better!

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