inBrain developed an online training and train-the-trainer guide for MAERSK, one of the biggest supply companies in the world. The training was about the value of labour relations and guidelines. 

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labour relations


MAERSK transports millions of goods every year and operates in more than 300 harbors in 120 different countries. This means employees of MAERSK oftentimes deal with cultural differences during their daily work. How do you make sure everyone values labour relations equally? MAERSK has set up clear guidelines for labour regulations and asked inBrain to develop a learning solution to spread those guidelines troughout the organization.

The goal of the training is to inform people about the guidelines when it comes to labour relations. It emphasizes the roles and responsibilities employees have in relation to those guidelines.


We developed a training to make employees more aware of labour relations. In an online learning solution that is divided in eight different themes, employees discover how MAERSK is dealing with labour law and relations. Besides the online part, MAERSK also provides offline training on this topic. 

To make sure this training is strongly connected to the work context of the employees, we used recognizable examples and powerful images. We motivated employees to learn more about every subject that is related to labour relations (e.g. working hours, salary and safety) by rewarding them with points and a personal certificate. 


A lot of employees completed the online and offline training. After completing both parts, employees knew exactly what kind of guidelines MAERSK developed and were aware this subject is important to discuss in the workplace. Employees recognized situations from their own work context that have to do with labour relations during their work. After training they were more aware of how to deal with those situations.   

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