Bringing the First Class Multi Asset (FCMA) fund to the attention of potential investors, that is the main goal of the FCMA app. But people don’t just install an app anymore, it has to offer the users something worthwhile.

the question



The question

Someone standing in front of a room talking about investing may not be very spectacular, opposite to trying to invest money yourself! NN Investment Partners had an investment game in which the participants in a scenario can experience for themselves what investing means. However, this game was largely played on paper and was very labour intensive for the game leaders. The question to inBrain was to come up with a digital alternative for this game.


The solution

 inBrain has made the investment game online and interactive, resulting in the FCMA app. Participants use iPads to look up information and submit investments. In addition to information about the fund, the FCMA app also contains clear explanations about asset management with videos and a glossary. 

The most distinguishing part of this project is a game in which players can test their investment skills themselves by investing a virtual amount of money. They can also compare their performance to others in the app to spark competition.


The new, digital version of the game is more modern, dynamic and reliable. Because the players first experience for themselves how a decision turns out, they are more interested in the underlying theory and can apply it better in practice.

This resulted in an interactive, digital solution that is perceived as very pleasant and educational. The learning solution has now even been put into use by several countries in the NN IP organisation.

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