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In 2017 more than 1800 people committed suicide at or near a railway. The impact on bereaved families, engineers and travelers is big. NS and ProRail are taking measures to make the railway less accessible. But prevention by NS’s and ProRail’s employees can make a large difference as well. Employees can be trained how to recognize signs that reveal a person is about to commit suicide and develop skills on how to start a conversation about it with this person.

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Seeing more together


NS and ProRail asked inBrain to develop a learning solution about suicide prevention to discuss this emotional and sensitive topic. The main goal of the learning solution is to make employees more aware of these situations and less afraid of taking action when someone shows signs that reveal someone is about to commit suicide.


inBrain developed a highly interactive learning solution centralized around awareness questions. The learning solution contains facts about suicide and about the measures that have been taken by NS and ProRail to prevent this from happening. In addition, videos of colleagues who experienced something that is related to people committing suicide at, or near the railway were included. We tried to keep the tone-of-voice neutral and optimistic, but simultaneously we had to choose our words carefully to do justice to the subject.



The module has been tested with a pilot group of employees from different backgrounds at NS and ProRail. The pilot group responded positively about the level of attention the subject received with this online learning solution. They were also positive about the way the subject was discussed in the module. They unanimously indicated that this training offered them practical steps that they can apply when a suspected suicide situation arises.

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