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Low literacy is a big, but largely invisible, issue. In the Netherlands there are more than two million people are illiterate. Illiteracy limits those people in their daily lives. 

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The Dutch Foundation for Reading & Writing wants to give people who are illiterate the opportunity to participate in society. To achieve this, they organize various activities. One of the activities is facilitating training about illiteracy. For instance for medical professionals, in order to improve their ability to recognize illiteracy and start a conversation about it. A part of this training is an online module about the background of illiteracy, how to recognize it and the first steps that can be taken to start a conversation about illiteracy. 


Besides an e-learning module inBrain developed a low-key online learning platform. By developing this platform, participants are able to register and can easily access the e-learning module. 

In addition, we made it possible for participants to earn accreditation points (a Dutch professionalization standard in healthcare), after passing the test. With the platform we made it possible for the foundation to retrieve data to see how the platform is used. 


During the development of the module we recycled a lot of graphical assets that the foundation already developed. By doing this, we reduced development costs. Also, this way the module is strongly (visually) connected to the other interventions the foundation offers. In a short amount of time, almost 2000 healthcare professionals completed the accredited e-learning course.

Eventually we extended the course by making it accessible for 4 different target audiences, in order to make sure the learning solution covered the needs of each sub-group even better.



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