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Together with TivoliVredenburg we renewed the onboarding program for new hires.

Short and catchy microlearnings (brainsnacks), hosted on an attractive learning platform, make sure new employees have an engaging and fun learning experience.

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Tivoli Vredenburg is the place to be when it comes to experiencing different genres of music in Utrecht (The Netherlands). Every year many new employees start their new jobs at TivoliVredenburg. They play an important role in giving visitors the best possible experience. 

TivoliVredenburg asked inBrain to develop an online onboarding program for their service employees, with the aim to let them feel welcome, introduce the organization to them and prepare them for their first workday.


We developed an online onboarding training, which includes an online learning platform, an onboarding module and several interactive brainsnacks (microlearnings that take up to 10 minutes to complete). The training contains a virtual tour, how to pour a beer, how to work in line with the labour guidelines, how to receive guests in a warm and welcoming way, and much more.

One of the highlights of this project is that we worked together closely with TivoliVredenburg. By doing so, experts from Tivoli were able to write their own scripts after a while. inBrain then converted these scripts into interactive online learning solutions.



Thanks to the short and interactive brainsnacks, new employees are fully prepared for their first day of work. They can take a look at the modules on their smartphone the day before their first shift, in the train, using a tablet on the couch or behind a computer at the workplace.

By providing small bites of information, knowledge retention was improved. Employees completed the brainsnacks, not all at once, but spreaded out content over time. This way, new employees learned about a subject at just the right time. This allows them to bring theory into practice right away!

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