what we do

visual design

Graphical design, graphic arts, visual design: you name it, but all of it is important to support the experience of a learning solution. Visual design is key in our projects and that’s why we spend quite some time on it. 

Adding experience

We find experience an essential part of a learning solution. What we mean by experience? Well-designed pages, well-designed interactions, well-designed learning management systems that include a richness of images, infographics, videos and animations. And all of it breathes the right theme and message.

Our team of graphic designers figure out how they can translate the corporate identity of organizations to a recognizable and attractive learning solution every day. Therefore, we develop surprising learning solutions that feel like a real experience.

In addition, our graphic team also provides graphic assets to existing learning solutions of clients (e.g. animations, infographic or interactive videos). Do you want to know more? Feel free to contact us!

For examples go to our portfolio page.

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