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learning solutions

What do we do exactly? That’s not easy to capture in a sentence. But if we’d have to we’d say that we create and develop customized learning solutions with online features. This means we work on the development of e-learning modules, blended learning programmes, apps, animations, infographics, videos and other learning solutions that are related to online learning.

Online learning solutions come in many shapes and sizes. Good thing we know almost all of them. We like to brainstorm with our clients about options and which learning solution would best fit their wishes and demands. Our projects can usually be classified in one of the four categories below:


E-learning encompasses all learning methods that can be offered digitally. As we see it, e-learning modules (or e-learning programmes), apps, animations, serious games or a digital learning platform are all examples off e-learning. When we combine e-learning modules with other types of learning, for instance offline learning, we call it blended learning.

Learning platform

Learning platforms come in many shapes and sizes. We once read there are more than 3000 different learning management systems. We think that’s a bit much. Learning Management Systems (LMS’s) are online platforms on which you can publish your online learning activities, but also manage and follow your learners. inBrain doesn’t know all 3000 LMS’s , but we do have an opinion on which features an LMS should have. We can advise our clients when they are looking for the system that fits them best.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are increasingly important in the field of learning and development. The technology is more and more accessible and the development of VR/AR learning solutions becomes easier. This makes the investment in a learning solution with VR/AR less risky and more attractive for organizations. Through experience inBrain has seen most of the pros and cons of this technology and we are ready to share them with clients.

Our team is enthusiastic about developing learning solutions in VR/AR and, by now, know many ways to apply this to learning.

Visual Design

The best way to convey a theme or message in a learning solution is an attractive and interactive visual. According to us, well-designed learning solutions are the key to create an impactful learning experience. Visuals are essential for a successful transfer of the content to the participants and to create a positive experience. That is why we apply high level graphic design in all our learning solutions. During the development we brainstorm about the way we can express the concept and message visually.

Whether it’s e-learning, infographics or an animation, our graphic team is ready to get cracking with it!

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